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Blogging in Gatsby with Drummer

It works! At least for me, with a lot of limitations. But this post (and the two previous posts) on my Gatsby-powered blog was written in Drummer. The Dummer posts are integrated with the previous posts that were written in Markdown. The code for my blog with the new OPML plugin is on GitHub.

As I mentioned, I started with demo code by Andrew Shell for Little Outliner outlines. That was written for Gatsby v2, I submitted a couple of fixes so it would work with Gatsby v3 and the recently released v4.

The demo code plugin creates Markdown 'nodes' for the outline entries. I added a couple of frontmatter entries to these nodes for ease of processing. I then adapted my gatsby-node.js to handle both Markdown files and the Markdown nodes from the OPML plugin.

There are still a lot of limitations. It ignores blog posts without titles (my wish, for now) and does not support most of the attributes used by the OldSchool CMS. But now it's my template, my layout, and my code, and I can add those features later whenever I want! 😛