ScottHanson.DE Savin it up for Friday night 🎵 is now

I'm rebranding! I'm now using my name as my digital identity.

"PapaScott" arose from a whim when I started my blog on in December 1999, since we were going to become parents that very month. My wife and I were calling each other PapaScott and MamaMaus, as silly expectant parents will do. I ended up using PapaScott as my handle for most services when signing up.

I've been changing my handles to "ScottHansonDE" over the past few months. I've been reviving my blog over the past few weeks, and I've done the same here. The new blog has a new design (thanks yinka!) and a new back end (eleventy). I've put my posts from 2021 there to get started. So from now on follow me on, if you like!